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Jean Solid

$ 895.00

Jean Solid with kiss-lock hardware.

rose-quartz, Jean Solid in rose quartz with gold hardware
nude, Jean Solid in nude pearlescent with gold hardware.
gold, Jean Solid in gold confetti with gold hardware
red, Jean Solid in red pearlescent with gold hardware.
black-obsidian, Jean Solid in obsidian sand with black hardware
silver, Jean Solid in silver confetti with steel hardware.
green, Jean Solid in emerald green pearlescent with gold hardware.
pink, Jean Solid in hot pink pearlescent with steel hardware.
sapphire, Jean Solid in sapphire pearlescent with steel hardware.
blue, Jean Solid in ocean pearlescent with steel hardware.
orange, Jean Solid in orange pearlescent with gold hardware.
purple, Jean Solid in dark purple pearlescent with steel hardware.
starlight, Jean Solid in starlight with steel hardware.
taupe, Jean Solid in taupe pearlescent with steel hardware.
yellow, Jean Solid in yellow pearelscent with gold hardware.
steel, Jean Solid in steel pearlescent with steel hardware.
white, Jean Solid in white pearlescent with silver hardware

Product Details
  • • 100% hand poured acrylic
  • • Hinge closure with kiss-lock
  • • Features an interior mirror with etched logo
  • • Fits all iPhones
  • • Measures 3 1/2" H x 6 3/4" W x 1 3/4" D
  • • Handmade in America
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