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Crocodile Tabletop Lighter

in Lavender Pearlescent

Introducing a new edition of our vintage-inspired acrylic lighter and ashtray set, a true conversation starter that combines vintage homeware style with modern functionality. Handcrafted with precision, the lighter debuts our charming crocodile inlay perfect for hot summer nights.

Our acrylic tabletop lighter takes inspiration from the iconic table lighters of the sixties, igniting nostalgia with every use, encased in a sleek acrylic body with elegance and durability. The accompanying ashtray, thoughtfully designed to match the lighter, adds a touch of sophistication to your smoking experience.

For a good time: We added a fun crocodile inlay (all constructed by hand!). Ignite your style and elevate your smoking ritual with our iconic vintage-inspired acrylic lighter and ashtray set.

Please note: The ashtray is intended for ashes only and is not designed for direct burning purposes. Prioritize safety and use the ashtray responsibly.

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