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30 January 2024


A best bud in conversation with Bronx Artist Justin Gilzene, known as Club Bum, about life in NYC, creativity, and of course, pot. 


Name: Justin (CLUB BUM)
Age: 32
Sign: Scorpio 
Occupation: Artist 
Location: Bronx, NY

BEST BUD: So first of all your name is Club Bum, where did that come from?

JUSTIN: That is my art name, that is my brand and it actually started in 2009. In my hood and in my area I was a known sneaker collector. 

BEST BUD: And was that a form of art for you? 

JUSTIN: Yeah, that was a form of art. But there was this one dude who had over like eight hundred pairs of sneakers, long story short but he’ll come outside with a white tee, basketball shorts and beat up Air Forces everyday - but he still got the respect from everybody. Nobody would question him because they knew what he had to offer. So my creative ideas started flowing and I told him, “wouldn’t it be fire if there was a sneaker store where the outside would be raggedy but the inside would be pure luxury?” CLUB BUM started from that premise.

BEST BUD: I love that. So let’s now discuss your process, obviously you’re into art, into sneakers, into fashion - but what about music? Is there any music that you like to play when creating these pieces?

JUSTIN: Music is essential, especially growing up in New York. Listening to jazz to get into the mood or old reggae [part of my culture] old Rasta tunes. The Stylistics! The list goes on. I’m not one of those who has a favorite artist, if it's the right vibe I can create for days. 

BEST BUD: Ok so obviously you have your Edie Parker Best Bud pre-rolls, do you usually smoke weed when creating and how does it influence the work that you do? 

JUSTIN: Wait hold on…I was tryna take a hit the whole time. 

[lights the Edie Parker joint and inhales]

Merci beaucoup. Alright bet uh…what was the question again? 

BEST BUD: [repeats the question]

JUSTIN: Well that's how I know I’m smoking some good sh*t, like Edie Parker, because it inspires a lot. No for real though this…

BEST BUD: It’s legit? 

JUSTIN: It’s smoooth, and you’re talking to a heavy grabba* smoker. [*crushed tobacco] I wouldn’t say weed is a big influence because it doesn’t change or contort me too much, I like to own my personal composure and balance. But I definitely like weed to calm down.

BEST BUD: So you would say you’re a high energy person? 

JUSTIN: I wouldn’t say I’m a high energy person but weed keeps me at the level I want to be.  So when I’m smoking weed, it helps me cruise and it feels like I’m roaming through the matrix. 

BEST BUD: The matrix - I feel that. So you are born in New York - Bronx to be exact and you also work out of your childhood home. How does NY inspire your work?

JUSTIN: Hmmm. Being in a place like New York - you have to know as much about yourself as possible. Cause I feel like any individual can do it - we can always create something for ourselves here. Once you really just tap into the awareness of yourself you can flow and create and do anything.

BEST BUD: Well now we are going to play a little game before we wrap up called Pot or Not. I am going to list out some topics and you are going to tell me if they are Pot (hot) or not.

JUSTIN: Sounds good. 

BEST BUD: NYC nightlife, Pot or Not? 


BEST BUD: Ooooo..

JUSTIN: I’m only saying not because the way times are now, things have changed. Earlier back in the day - a few years back it was hot! But now, you need the pot to make it hot! Otherwise it’s gonna be a not. 

BEST BUD: Logomania, Pot or Not? 

JUSTIN: Pot. But it depends on the brand. I love that sh*t, but it only works on certain styles and symbols. 

BEST BUD: Ok last one, street graffiti - Pot or Not? 

JUSTIN:  [laughs] Pot, and I’m only saying pot because I gotta give it up to the ones who do it with a quality and elegance. Not the vandalism sh*t, if you’re gonna do that - at least make it beautiful. And I wanna give a shout-out to the ancestors Kase2! New York City legend. I like to respect my elders, whether in the art world or elders in my personal life. In your spare time, look him up. 

BEST BUD: Ok, I will - right after this. Any final words?

JUSTIN: Yes, I’m grateful and thank you for coming here. 

BEST BUD: Thank you for letting me in your home, your mama home. Shoutout to your mama!

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