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Filling Instructions

Table Top Lighters

1. Please use Butane Gas, not Lighter Fluid.
2. Make sure no open flames are near.
3. Adjust flame height to low setting using the flame adjustor.
4. Bleed the fuel tank by pressing down on the lighter refill valve until hissing stops.
5. Shake refill can to check for butane gas.
6. Hold both the refill can and the lighter upside down in each hand.
7. Push refill nozzle firmly, and all the way into the refill valve.
8. Fuel in position for 15-20 seconds.
9. Wait until lighter reaches room temperature before igniting (approx: 5-10 min).
10. Reset flame height from low flame to desired setting.

For further assistance, please email


Tsubota Lighters  

Please follow Manufacturer's guidance on refilling the Hard Edge lighter, here, and the  Mini Lighter, here. 

Written instructions below: 

1. Open the cap and remove the inside tank
2. Hold the tank up-side-down
3. Pull up the felt on the bottom of the tank
4. Fill by slowly soaking the cotton inside
5. Several times, in increments
6. Stop filling when the white cotton wadding begins to turn gray and non-absorbent
7. Wipe the whole lighter dry and put it back into the casing
8. Make sure to wipe the lighter and your hands dry before igniting.
Your lighter's flint is also consumable. Please do not forget to replace regularly!




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