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25 June 2024

VOGUE: Thoughtful Hostess Gifts That Will Secure You a Second Invitation

VOGUE: Thoughtful Hostess Gifts That Will Secure You a Second Invitation

As appeared on on June 24, 2024

"There’s a beloved and oft-replicated needlepoint pillow design that reads, “You never know how many friends you have until you have a country house.” Well, the sun’s out, summer Fridays have commenced, and it’s high time to reunite with friends and family, preferably in a balmy, waterfront location belonging to someone you love. So what is the perfect gift to bring your weekend host or hostess? Of course, there are some one-size-fits-all options—olive oil soap in the shape of grapes, a Murano glass nut bowl—but the best hostess gifts are the most thoughtful ones, targeted to the recipient and his or her interests...

Herewith, a curated gift selection by type of host from the Southampton doyenne who considers tablescaping the eighth art to the on-the-couch Olympian who loves sports since watching Challengers and is practicing her pickleball as she waits to see if Nadal ends up in the Olympics after all, to some high end gays who put Tom Hollander’s White Lotus character to shame.

Whose Catskills cabin cohorts are pumped about New York’s recent marijuana legalization: They’ll need the most elegant Edie Parker Flower x Paul Arnhold glass bong, the chicest version of The Dude with Tekla’s hooded bathrobe, some Levain cookies, available fully baked but frozen from FreshDirect and some special CBD dog treats so Fido doesn’t feel left out."


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