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02 May 2024

Women in the Cannabis Industry in 2024

Originally published by MG Magazine "17 Ladies Leading the Cannabis Industry in 2024: Women bring a unique vision to executive leadership."

Women in the Cannabis Industry in 2024

Brett Heyman shook up the luxury fashion world when she decided to move Edie Parker into cannabis in 2019. At the time, the legal industry didn’t seem to be speaking to women effectively—a glaring oversight Heyman was inspired to change. “It felt like no one had ever considered that a woman might walk through a dispensary door,” Heyman said. “There was very little shelf appeal; all the brands were either minimalist-medicinal or old-timey apothecary style. Coming from luxury fashion, I like things that feel colorful, enticing, and celebratory, and I think that was missing. I wanted to give women permission to just get high and have a great time. [Plant medicine] doesn’t have to always be for menstrual or anxiety relief; sometimes women just want to get high and have sex and watch the Housewives. The products weren’t giving women that permission, so we needed to change that.”

The above is an excerpt from MG Magazine's 17 Ladies Leading the Cannabis Industry in 2024 by Taylor Engle. For further reading, please access the full article here.


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