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Gum Lighter

in Edie Stripe


Sweeten the pot with the Gum Lighter in Edie Stripe. Great taste for a good time, add some spice to your fire with our new novelty lighters, in colorful designs that call back to your fave iconic sweet treats. 

Throw it in your purse and hand your bud a pack to “chew”, knowing full-well this novelty lighter you pass will ignite delight. Bonus: the flame blazes pink!

Torch lighter requires Butane Lighter fuel. We recommend this one! Fill for 5-7 seconds and enjoy for months without needing to refuel. Instructions here. 

 WARNING: Smoking cannabis increases your cancer risk and during pregnancy exposes your child to delta-9-THC and other chemicals that can affect your child’s birthweight, behavior, and learning ability. For more information go to:

for a good time follow

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