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Edie Parker x Club Bum Burn Clutch

Prepare to be 'rose'manced. We've partnered with Club Bum NYC for an exclusive collaboration that's blooming with charm. Made to order - expect 4-6 week lead time.

An homage to our favorite state, Justin (Club Bum) has taken his signature rose sculptures and adorned pieces from Edie Parker's Burn Collection and all new 'Garden of Edie, NY' hats.

This collaboration is super limited - available for one week only.

Justin Gilzene (Club Bum) is a contemporary visual artist from Gun Hill Road in the Bronx, NY. Club Bum began his artistic journey in the classroom, teaching art at the Harlem Children Zone. Inspired, he developed his unique style, using acrylic paint to craft 'handmade rose sculptures' that have become a signature to all his pieces. Each piece in the Edie Parker Collection is meticulously handpainted and personally signed by Justin.

We think your life needs more color! The new Burn Clutch packs a saturated punch with a bold Nylon body and monochrome retractable lighter holder. Burn Clutches and Bags are the hottest way to light up while chilling out.  

Mini Bic lighter included. 

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